AnxietyAnxiety can be best defined as what we imagine will happen in the future concerning an event or situation. It is essentially a learned anticipatory response. For people to exert themselves fully and to pursue various goals, whether sporting, academic or creative, it is necessary for them to experience some degree of anticipation.

However, each of us has an optimal level of anticipation for any given situation, and when it rises to high, it inhibits rather than assists our performance or achievement of our goal.So one of the major reasons for using hypnosis is to improve your self esteem and confidence. If you truly believe in your own abilities, you will find it much easier to persuade other people of those abilities. Feeling good about yourself has a valuable affect in many areas of life, from improving your relationships with colleagues or those of a personal nature to achieving goals in every area of life.

Hypnosis may be used to increase your confidence and your self acceptance by asking you to imagine yourself standing tall, seeing, being and believing who you really are. Hypnotic suggestions can help you to re-program your subconscious mind and replace any past negative programming. Through positive suggestions given during hypnosis you can begin to see yourself as confident and become certain of your own abilities and talents.